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NBA TV   00:00 NBA TV

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NBA Countdown   01:00 NBA Countdown

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Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors   02:00 Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors

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Lietuvos Rytas vs Neptunas Klaipeda   16:30 Lietuvos Rytas vs Neptunas Klaipeda

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France vs Lithuania, W   18:00 France vs Lithuania, W

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Lokomotiv Kuban vs Khimky   18:00 Lokomotiv Kuban vs Khimky

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Brindisi vs Reggiana   19:30 Brindisi vs Reggiana

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Cantu vs Venezia   19:30 Cantu vs Venezia

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Lyon Villeurbanne vs Le Mans   19:50 Lyon Villeurbanne vs Le Mans

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